Friesian Farm specializes in offering excellent pure unflavored butter ghee that is dedicated to the B2B market.

The brand also provides powdered milk, one of the highest quality milk powders in the region.

A remarkable pure butter ghee brand with a superior quality that will top up your customers’ food journey to a unique one.

Dutch Meadows brand provides tasty butter ghee brand with additional flavor to add a delightful twist to top up your delicious experience.

The brand also provides butter that is high quality, fresh and creamy that serves perfectly for baking and cooking. Today, Dutch Meadows stands as one of our desired choice favored by our clients and consumers in the market.

Blenda brand is known for a magnificent blend of vegetable and animal ghee brand that caters to bakeries, cafes, and hospitality professionals that is sold to B2B market, food and dairy producers.

Campina products are on the shelves since 1947. Nowadays Campina is one of the biggest dairy brands in in the Netherlands. Friesland Campina has a proud history of delivering high-quality milkfat and milk powder products.

These include Butter, Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), Milkfat Blends, Cream and Milk Powders. The brand ensures to provide butter with a standardized melting point.