Who We Are

In the Dutch meadows of Netherlands, Friesian Farm was established in 2015 and has grown over the years into one of the well-known companies that specialize in dairy products.

The company mainly specifies in selling a variety of high quality brands of dairy products for clients and consumers to provide a fine taste around the world.

People & Innovative Technology

Friesian Farm always strives to look for new innovations and technologies to ensure high quality products are being delivered to our clients.

Experienced local farmers follow a standard process that starts with taking good care of the original Friesian cows to ensure fresh milk is being produced.

By then, our specialist team focus on research and studies over the full process of milk production to ensure the entire metric of healthy results is met. The production line isn’t just compatible with the industry’s highest hygiene standards, but also planned with most recent innovative technologies to improve food safety.

Our Mission

Our success in business is based upon 3 principles:

Understand our consumers’ needs in the industry and provide safe high quality of dairy products.

Compromise innovative technologies and research.

Act with due care to the environment and community.

Through these principles, the company managed to earn respect in the region.

Our Vision

Friesian Farm’s vision is to keep growing and become a leader in the dairy product industry.

Throughout fast innovative technologies and strategies that the brand is implementing in the industry, we are striving to become our consumer’s preferred brand and provide memorable taste everyday.

Our Vision